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After he was nearly forgotten for two decades, critics revived interest in his life and work.Crane's writing is characterized by vivid intensity, distinctive dialects, and irony.It was the fourth death in six years among Stephen's immediate family.

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Although academically weak, Crane gained experience at Claverack that provided background (and likely some anecdotes from the Civil War veterans on the staff) that proved useful when he came to write The Red Badge of Courage.

It appeared in the February 1890 Claverack College Vidette.

He registered at Lafayette on September 12, and promptly became involved in extracurricular activities; he took up baseball again and joined the largest fraternity, Delta Upsilon.

Late that year he accepted an offer to travel to Cuba as a war correspondent.

As he waited in Jacksonville, Florida for passage, he met Cora Taylor, with whom he began a lasting relationship.

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