Sexting video online

Images can be copied and saved by others, shared with people the sender doesn’t know and posted on social media and public websites.These images can be extremely difficult to remove and the consequences from having these images posted online can follow a young person into adulthood.Two-thirds had received a sexual image, with 13 to 15 year olds ‘particularly likely to receive sexual images’.It also found that most sexting occurred in committed relationships.Unfortunately, if naked or sexually explicit images are involved, there can be serious and unwanted consequences.This can potentially expose them to a range of emotional, social and legal issues.Even if a young person has received an unsolicited sext, there can be psychological and legal consequences.

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A recent Australian study, , found that almost half of a total sample of 2, 243 respondents reported having sent a sexual picture or video of themselves to another person.

Things can go wrong even if sharing takes place in a trusted relationship or friendship.

A friend may, on impulse and without thinking, share an image more broadly than the sender intended.

Most sexting is done with a mobile phone but it also occurs through social media or other online activities.

Sexting can include a range of behaviours and content, from sending flirtatious text messages to more intimate material, like taking and sharing nude photos or videos capturing sexual acts.

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