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1 Because We Work Harder” with a photo of the boss and his top execs at the beach? He drew a fair amount of ridicule from industry colleagues later in life when he asserted in his 1984 memoir “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” that he’d moonlighted as a CIA assassin during his heyday in TV.(Sam Rockwell played him in the 2002 movie adaptation directed by George Clooney.) The question of whether his claim, steadfastly denied by the CIA, was an elaborate put-on or a delusional fantasy — or, in the most bizarre scenario, true — was never answered satisfactorily by the source.

As host of “The Gong Show,” Barris introduced amateur performers to three celebrity judges, who could put a stop to terrible performances by striking the gong. The Philly native found producing fame in the 1960s with "The Dating Game," the hit show that paired eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.Kooky 'Gong Show' host Chuck Barris had mysterious CIA connection Viewers got to know Barris’ face, and his curly hair, as the emcee in the goofy “The Gong Show.” Barris would reward talentless contestants by banging his infamous gong during the bizarre amateur hour, which he hosted for four years until 1980.Apart from game shows, Barris found success as a writer. It’s not me.” He is survived by his wife of 16 years, the former Mary Clagett.He penned six best-selling books and a 1962 pop song, “Palisades Park,” which became a No. Barris later wrote in his book “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” that he worked as a CIA assassin while working in TV — a claim denied by the agency. “I wouldn’t be surprised if an obituary says, ‘Gonged.

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