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According to (De Salviac, 199-354 During the protracted war of conquest and the pacification that lasted for several decades, vast amounts of property belonging to the conquered peoples was confiscated or destroyed, and millions of head of livestock were looted.

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They added that ‘the staggering human cost of German colonial rule in South-West Africa’ was accompanied by plunder.8) Non-performance of instruction of the government — monetary fine and flogging. De Salviac, de Martial, 1901, Une peuple antique au pays Menelik: les Galla grand nation africaine, Paris. 9) Criminal breach of trust — removal from job, putting into chains, monetary fine, confiscation of property. Finally I had a total of 96,000 men killed and taken prisoners.I have seen Abyssinians escort string of prisoners; women, and children, making them carry the bloody stripped skins of their husbands or their fathers.

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