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However, its foundation was much broader, encompassing a rich and highly varied inheritance from antiquity, including classical natural philosophy, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religious thought, as well as pagan and vernacular traditions which formed the basis for the development of new European attitudes towards nature.

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: Excommunication in Practice, 900-1050 as well as the popular Arming the Knight, a demonstration by the interpreters of the Royal Armouries.

While unicorns and dragons may have wandered through imaginary landscapes, the inhabitants of medieval Europe were busily taming the wildernesses surrounding them to permit their exploitation by human settlements and agriculture.

Bush and forest were cleared to make way for crops and plants grown for food and trade.

The Medieval Cities strand was co-ordinated by Derek Keene, (University of London) and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work this past year.

The strand clearly opened up new avenues of interest in these subjects, and we hope all who presented in or attended sessions on medieval cities found the experience a positive one.

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