Latoya jackson dating

'I knew Michael and Jermaine and everyone before I met La Toya and to be honest I thought she was the odd one!La Toya - who is the sister of the late pop legend Michael Jackson - was very clear with her statement to the website.And Jackson says she has no experience dating, insisting a roller boogie rendezvous with Prince in the San Fernando Valley in the early 1980s was just an innocent group activity -- with three of the world's biggest pop stars."Prince did like me, yes, but I didn't date him," Jackson says. beauty, Susan Anton first experienced fame by winning the Miss California contest in 1969.She was later named one of ''TIME'' magazine's "Most Promising Faces of 1979." She has also starred in her own variety show, ''Presenting Susan Anton'', and acted in the films ''Spring Fever'' and ''Cannonball Run 2''.

"When I left him, I thought I don't ever want to see another man for the rest of my life," she said.And he didn't do so without a little piece of bling - she was presented with a 17 carat diamond ring After dropping to one knee he said, 'I don’t have a ring for you' and she said, 'Well, that’s okay.I don’t care about a ring.' But when dessert was served, she got a rock.I know there are people out there who think he's prejudiced. Even a tearful bus journey with her mother to hometown Gary, Ind., for an annual Michael Jackson "candlelight visual," as La Toya calls it, is perked up by a visit to a local candy emporium. (Only Michael and Kathy had daughters, however, so La Toya gave the name to her Pomeranian.) "Everybody thinks they know you, everybody thinks they know our family, everybody thinks they know who we are, what we’re like, what we’re do. We are so different from what people think we are," La The show has fun documenting La Toya's attempts at maneuvering the Los Angeles dating pool.How, after all, do you get to know someone over a quiet, candlelit dinner when half the restaurant is gawking at your table?

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