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She was enchanted by him, and thrilled by his social circle, which included Graham Greene, Barbara Skelton and Robert Kee.

Jocelyn was less pleased, however, about her allocated slice of Ayer's commitment.

After many years together, Ayer and Vanessa were married in 1983 but just two years later, Vanessa fell ill and died. FREDDIE Ayer died in June 1989, after final months that had brought renewed fire, and a taste for taking on the world.

In a lecture on old age, the man who had outfaced jealous husbands and philosophical rivalry delivered typical thoughts on the ravages of the passing years.

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Then in his later life, tragedy struck as Ayer enjoyed his first faithful liaison since the early days of his first marriage. the real man of feeling behind this very dapper, rather vain man,'' said a friend.He emerged from an unhappy childhood, passed in brutal English boarding schools, and established himself as a prodigy.Ayer became a lecturer immediately after graduating, publishing his landmark philosophical treatise at the age of 25.Ayer's final partner was Vanessa Lawson, 26 years his junior, and the wife of the future Conservative minister Nigel Lawson.She was unhappily married, restless in her unwanted role as a politician's wife, and they began to see each other in Oxford in the early 1970s.

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