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He remained steadfast that salvation could only be attained by believing & having faith in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Paul sends a warning that hypocrisy will eventually lead to God’s wrath.

However, while en route to Spain, he got the opportunity to pass through Rome and was immediately taken in by the notion of staying there to fulfill a longstanding wish of his own.

During the course of his stay in Rome, Paul became very well acquainted with the concepts & notions being propagated by the Church of Rome.

It was this passion and love for the Christ that compelled Paul to travel to Spain and acquaint the locals over there with Christianity.

Paul saw this as a great opportunity to implant a new faith into the hearts & minds of people since no one had done for Christianity in Spain prior to that.

At the end, Paul lays out details of where he plans to travel further, salutations and also personal greetings; a third of the greetings are aimed towards females.

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But there is no telling when a person can change his or her stance even when it comes to a thing such as religious beliefs; and this is not a surprising phenomenon either.

Many argue and debate over the association which existed between Judaism & Paul himself.

In the Book of Romans, Paul remains defiant that his gospel causes no embarrassment since it holds supremacy & muscle.

Salvation, as is believed by many among the Christian masses, is the key to attaining Paradise as a reward for having lived life within this mortal world in submission & practice of the teachings & commandments of Jesus Christ.

After Jesus bid farewell to this mortal world, his closest allies whom we know as his apostles took on the responsibility of carrying forth the mission that Jesus had initiated and take it to its full glory.

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