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My suggestion is to give the relationship another year or so before you legally become involved, go ahead and start some weekly pre-marriage counseling sessions, and discuss the ex-wife situation with your husband in a more in-depth manner.

Also realize that your boyfriend needs to be the one to tell his ex-wife to stop putting him down and controlling his life. I don't have any children, but I love them, and I don't mind the time that he spends with his children. He's constantly on the road, and the money that he makes goes to his children. He does not want to be with her, is not, but can not get over the guilt. She is constantly putting my fiancee down, calling him names, and telling him that he is a bad father. He always changed to this day she still pushes his buttons.He left because she did not fullfill his needs so why is the man feeling any guilt or obligation to even listen to her. She uses every little instances such as text emails unwanted calls at inappropriate times to play her game, have the child report messages or have the child tell her what is going on.Why give her any importance in what she has to say. Unfortunately the man has forgotten why he left her in the first place.

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