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A week ago though, she had gotten a package from Tracy and Blaire, a going away present.She was confused at first, but very glad that her sister hadn't been home to see her get the package, because what was inside it, would not have been easy to explain.I know how much you love all things anal, and I hope you'll be thinking of me whenever you use it.Love you forever Hun, Tracy" "Oh my god...." Cindy said quietly to herself as she looked through the box.All her teachers loved her but she didn't really participate in any extra curricular activities.It was the beginning of the school year, only 2 months into her first experience of high school.

In a panic, she knew she had to get rid of the stuff quick, or her sister may walk in and see the gross display of perverted pleasures. Her sister asked again, as she did often, about what boys Cindy was interested in at school, which of course Cindy replied to as always with the same quiet shrug, and something short about how they were all stupid.Quickly, she grabbed the mags and butt plug, and hid them in the closest available spot, her half-opened back pack that was sitting on the bed next to the box. Her sister laughed, Cindy didn't know if her sister suspected her to be a lesbian, she probably did, but neither of them ever brought it up.Quickly after she hid the goods, she threw the box into the closet, turned around, and walked out of her room. The next day, she walked the two blocks she did to school everyday, completely forgetting though that she had left her new gift in her back pack the night before.We know how much of a little perv you are, and how hard it's going to be having to refrain from the kind of fun that your accustomed too hehe.So, enclosed in this box are some gifts we thought would help you get through it, a bunch of lesbian porn mags that Blaire and I collected, and, something I know you love (and wasn't easy to get a hold of), a butt plug =).

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